Acupuncture and Low Libido in Women

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    Acupuncture and Low Libido in Women

It is shocking to find that at least 70 percent of women suffer from low libido at one point of life or other. Lagging libido in women can be related to the onset of menopause and some women may experience this problem in their whole menopause transition or even longer. Other commonly known causes for decreased sexual desire are post-childbirth, emotional issues, breastfeeding, drug reactions, weight gains, stress, conflicts in relationship, physical responses, hormonal imbalances or the plain inability to reach orgasm. Some women who suffer from low libido are shy and find it hard to share it with anyone which can be the reason why they persist with low libido and can suffer from the underlying symptom throughout their life. It is important to address the situation and understand that this is a major health problem that needs to be rectified.

Resorting to treatment with Western medicine or drugs is not the best option to treat low libido in women. It is extremely important to understand the underlying issues causing this condition. This is the way that you can reach the root cause. It is found that alternative medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine is a positive answer to the problem of lagging libido. Using acupuncture as a treatment means that you need not have to worry about any risks associated with the treatment as there are no side effects. TCM divides any problems regarding women’s sex life into four areas which are the
•    Lack of desire
•    lack of arousal
•    failure to reach orgasm
•    discomfort or pain associated with intercourse

Each of these problem areas has a different diagnosis to go with it, thus there are separate acupuncture treatments to offer you results with your condition. In a broad perspective, lack of libido usually pertains to a weakness in your kidney Qi or energy. TCM regards kidneys as the origin of reproductive energy thus low desire occurs due to disruption in the kidney Qi. Weak kidney Qi is related to the lack of arousal and failure to orgasm can be related to the imbalance in the liver Qi. According to TCM, the theory is that the liver channel flows across the genitals and the liver is responsible for the proper Qi flow through out the body and any interruption in this Qi flow can result in the loss of orgasm. Blood stagnation can be a cause of pain during intercourse.

TCM breaks down the cause of low libido into different patterns and once you have a proper diagnosis of your condition we will trailer a treatment plan to suit you. The treatment sessions occur once to twice a week and you will need a course of treatment sessions as it is not a quick one or two treatment fix. Lifestyle changes may also be necessary to help you in conjunction to acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbal formulas. It is important to incorporate healthy dietary habits and lifestyle changes to help you to keep such problems at bay in the future.

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